Business Process Outsourcing

6 Pence has been providing Business Process Outsourcing services to its diverse clients base for about a decade, offering a wide range of employee outsourcing, human resources, payroll processing, training, benefits and risk management solutions to small, medium and large enterprises.

Functioning as a full-service outsourced HR and Recruitment activities, we are a single source for multiple solutions aimed at providing administrative relief, «big company» benefits, reduced liabilities, improved productivity and increased profitability to our clients. Outsourcing is an optimal option for companies continuously striving to streamline their support business processes and want to focus more on key business goals and objectives. A primary driving force behind the outsourcing of business processes is cost effectiveness, and hence at 6 Pence, we are passionate enough for making business processes more efficient and productive. It is our promise not only to find the most qualified candidates that fit our clients' requirements, but also to match each candidate with exciting and challenging positions for their career paths.

Our support human resources are strong, smart and hard working not just to meet the clients' expectations, but exceed them. 6 Pence understands that a flexible and a professional workforce is the key to any business environment, which is why we have tailor-made services to fit your specific needs.

By outsourcing to 6 Pence, our clients can save money and be free of complications that are otherwise involved in maintaining complex internal processes. By doing so, clients can concentrate on their core competencies, thereby saving their valuable time and other resources.

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