Our Management

Talal Al-Tehow - Group Chairman:
Talal Al-Tehow is the Group Chairman, who acquired a wide range of experience in Market Analysis and Research in the USA as well as in the GCC countries, with a career history of blue chip giants, and a US based education.

Talal is a market savvy business development professional, with excellent knowledge of clients needs. He is aggressive, highly proficient in developing and maintaining relationships, a quick thinker and a natural negotiator. It is these admirable qualities that have enabled him to grow rapidly in his business with the right focus and effectiveness.

He has a unique quality to listen carefully to ideas from diverse colleagues and subordinates and translates them into reality based on his extensive expertise in Sales & Marketing.

Ahmed Al-Basri - Group Managing Director:
Ahmed Al-Basri joined 6 Pence in 2012 as the Group Managing Director. Ahmed is a Certified Public Accountant from the USA, with over 14 years of diversified solid experience in both financial & non financial industries. He joined the Company from the banking sector, where he played an instrumental role in the operations area, taking on the post of Group Head of Operations.

As the Group Managing Director, Ahmed drives the business forward with integrity and precision. With an eye for excellence, Ahmed has his ear to the ground with all aspects of the Company.

As an integral part of vision provider for 6 Pence, the operations of the Company are managed seamlessly and efficiently by Ahmed, and he ensures his involvement with every aspect of the business.

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