An organization is not limited to its products and services, and it involves stacks of documentation and adherence to multiple government regulations and licensing.

An error in single paperwork can prove to be problematic.

You focus on the research and development while we take care of all the related paperwork.

Onboard international candidates by using our excellent PRO services in Bahrain, UAE, Oman, and Iraq, without any hassle.

Allow 6 Pence to expedite the process of your paperwork.

We have dedicated and proficient staff who have in-depth knowledge about hiring and government regulations and licensing requirements within GCC in particular and the region in general. Our services are personalized as per our Business Partners’ needs.

If you are looking to diversify your business to these regions, we can help smoothen the regulatory requirements for you.

All our PRO experts are highly experienced and trained to maintain professional confidentiality.

We take care of your following requirements:
•  Visa Applications
•  Labour cards
•  Company trade licensing documentation and approvals
•  Others