What is a Staff Outsourcing Company?
Companies outsource or relegate the hiring process to an experienced third-party organization that helps in finding the best-suited employees per the business partners’ value system, organizational goals, and individual job responsibilities.
It helps streamline your secondary business processes so that you can better focus on your primary business objectives.

How Will 6 Pence’s Staff Outsourcing Services Help You?
6 Pence is a leading staff outsourcing agency with over 16 years of expertise. We are legally established and operational in the Kingdom of Bahrain, UAE, Sultanate of Oman, and the Republic of Iraq. Our expert recruiters screen through hundreds of resumes every day to find our clients’ employees that best suit their needs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence.
Along with our staff outsourcing services, we provide our collaborators a complete risk management solutions, payroll processing, and trainings. You get a 360-degree solution for all your problems on a single platform.

Industry Specialization
We have diverse experience in providing staffing solutions in various industries like:
Technology, Telecommunication, Governmental, Banking & Finance, Oil & Gas

Benefits of partnering with 6 Pence
We find talents that help you to grow your business.
•  Customized services for individual hiring requirements.
•  Improved productivity and efficiency.
•  Increased profitability.
•  Dedicated account managers.
•  Experienced recruiters.
•  Large database of candidates.