A company’s strength lies in its employees, and thus recruitment is one of the most important tasks for an organization. 6 Pence is a leading recruitment agency in Bahrain, Dubai, Oman, and Iraq, and we are ready to take this load off your shoulders.

You can get in touch with us in person in our offices located at:
•  Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
•  Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
•  Baghdad, Republic of Iraq
•  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

How does the 6 Pence Recruitment Process Work?
Our consummate recruiters will understand a client’s organizational values and objectives.
•  We create a strategic plan as per the job profile.
•  We filter through our vast database and put ads for new talents.
•  After thorough analysis, we present to our Business Partner qualified candidates.
•  We act as a liaison between the Business Partner and recruits during the entire hiring process.
•  We follow up post-recruitment to determine an ideal fit for the candidate in the company ecosystem.
•  Replacement guaranteed to provide 360-degree recruitment solutions.

Services offered by 6 Pence
•  Permanent Placement
•  Contract/Temporary Staffing
•  Long-Term & Short-Term Assignments
•  Temporary-to-Permanent Hire

Permanent Placement
Our experienced recruiters help shortlist and interview candidates. We undertake a strict background check of each candidate. We offer permanent placement solutions from entry-level positions to mid-senior level executives and all the way to C-suite executives.
•  Provide candidate profile and interview notes.
•  Set up in-person interviews or video interviews.
•  International hire.
•  Compliances with government regulations and paperwork.

Contract/ Temporary Staffing
6 Pence is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Bahrain, UAE, Oman, and Iraq.

We have placed temporary staff across multiple industries.
•  We have a fast deployment rate.
•  Vast database
•  Legal support
•  Full employee lifecycle management

Long-Term and Short-Term Assignments
Every project has its own duration, and staffing requierments change from project to project. We come to your assistance as per your needs, and we have a tailored approach to individual projects.
•  Recruitment and onboarding of staff
•  Dedicated contractor manager and project manager for every client
•  Legal support and paperwork verification
•  Full employee lifecycle management

Temporary to Permanent Hire
As one of the leading recruitment companies, we understand our Business Partners’ every need. We understand that when you find an ideal match in your temporary staff
and want to hire them full time, we will help you with all documentation.
•  Assistance with legal framework and documentation
•  Complete workforce solutions
•  Help with Visa permit and labor law compliance
•  Assistance with international recruitment