Senior Network Security Engineer Salary

senior network security engineer salary

Today’s organizations are 100% technology-reliant and constantly use internet to communicate with team members, clients, and even for the most sundry chores. Thus, the demand and need for network security engineers have increased manifold.


A network engineer is a technology professional who designs, deploys, and manages computer networks that provide a company with an in-house phone, data, video, and wireless network services. Network security engineer roles and responsibilities ensure that the organization’s IT infrastructure is robust, error-free, and works uninterruptedly. Sometimes, a network security engineer might also need to work for a third-party organization or client.


The Senior Network Security Engineer salary depends on what the role entails. 


Network Security Engineer Roles and Responsibilities


Senior Network Security Engineer performs a wide range of duties, and their salary is a direct testament to the responsibilities undertaken. This includes:


  • Developing security strategies and regulations
  • Creating and managing firewalls
  • Configuring and monitoring intrusion detection systems 
  • Ensuring that data is secure and backed up
  • Design and configure functional networks like WLAN, LAN, and WAN
  • Automate tasks and check for their efficacy
  • Deploy and oversee test security measures like access authentication and disaster recovery
  • Train cyber security professionals and other employees on cyber security best practices
  • Create and maintain a technical documentation
  • Work to improve network performance, capacity, and scalability


Certified Cyber Security Specialists also conduct security audits and vulnerability assessments. They identify and respond to security incidents. 


Cyber Security Network Engineer Salary


Senior Network Security Engineers have salaries that are higher than average. The average Senior Network Security Engineer salary in the UAE is AED 10,000 to AED 23,000. Senior Network Security Engineers get paid well because of good reason. They are very skilled professionals responsible for designing and implementing the security of a company’s networks. 


The Senior Network Security Engineer must stay current on the latest security technologies and trends. A deep understanding of network security principles is also important. They are also responsible for ensuring that the company’s network is secure and there are no loopholes that threat actors can breach. 


Cyber Security Network Engineer salary in Oman is 25,000-30,000 OMR annually. The senior network security engineer salary in Iraq can be about 1,900,000 IQD per month. A senior network engineer salary in Bahrain can be between 1,00,000 – 4,25,000 BHD annually.


Your salary will depend upon your qualification, job description, experience, and location.


Senior Network Security Engineer Qualifications


Becoming a senior network security engineer can be a rewarding career. It provides excellent job security and high salaries. Many organizations rely on network security engineers to help protect their systems from hacking and other malicious activity.


But first, you need to meet the Senior Network Security Engineer qualifications. You can avail of many Network Security Engineer courses to learn more about the job. Take a look at what you need:


  • 5 years of experience in network security.
  • A bachelor’s degree in information security, computer science, or a related field.
  • Expertise in enterprise security architectures, security protocols, and technologies.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of network security tools and technologies.
  • Understanding of network security principles and best practices.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work in a team environment.
  • Certification in information security, such as CISSP, CISM, or CISA.


Network Security Engineer courses help get a decent Senior Network Security Engineer salary. This position requires technical knowledge and expertise in network security. A certified Cyber Security Specialist must have a deep understanding of the following: 


  • Network protocols
  • Encryption technologies
  • Firewalls
  • Other security measures


The best network security engineer courses and certification to choose from:


  1. CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker
  2. CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  3. CISM: Certified Information Security Manager
  4. CompTIA+ Security+
  5. COBIT 5 Certification Training
  6. CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor


What does a certified cyber security specialist do?


An idea of entry-level cyber security requirements can help you chart a successful career in this profession. A senior network security engineer must be knowledgeable in a variety of areas. This includes: 


  • Network security protocols
  • Network security architecture
  • Network security devices and their configuration
  • Network security monitoring


Here are the senior network security engineer roles and responsibilities:


  • Design and put in place secure network architectures, policies, and procedures.
  • Track network security systems and assess security threats.
  • Perform security assessments, Penetration testing and maintain compliance with industry protocols.
  • Install appropriate technical controls to protect networks from: 


  1. Unauthorized access
  2. Malicious code
  3. Other cyber threats


  • Develop and maintain security policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of network security systems.
  • Analyze security logs, identify potential security threats, and recommend corrective actions.
  • Identify and address potential areas of vulnerability.
  • Research security enhancements and make recommendations to management.
  • Collaborate with IT staff to ensure the secure operation of networks.
  • Stay current with the latest security technologies and best practices.


Understanding the responsibilities of the job is essential to performing the job well. It also helps you gauge the Senior Network Security Engineer salary and negotiate for an optimum package. A clear understanding of the job helps ensure you meet the company’s needs.


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Network security engineers are in much demand, and with the right skills and experience, you can be one of the most-sought after professionals.


Frequently Asked Questions


What qualifications do you need to be a network security specialist? 


You will need a degree in computer science or a related field, such as information technology. Experience with network security tools and technologies will be beneficial. Professionals in this field should also have strong problem-solving and analytical skills.


Which certification is best for a network security engineer? 


The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is one of the best certifications. It is an industry-recognised credential. It demonstrates knowledge and understanding of security principles and practices. 

Which is better: cyber security or network engineering?


Cyber security focuses on protecting computer systems and networks from malicious activity. Network engineering focuses on creating and maintaining these systems. Both are important and necessary for the safe and effective operation of networks.

Business Development Manager Roles and Responsibilities

Business Development Manager Roles and Responsibilities

One person who is often considered the point of contact or liaison between businesses and their potential client is a Business Development Manager. All of the business development manager roles and responsibilities are directed towards maximizing the profit and revenue generation for the company.


The business development manager job description helps the company find the right individual with the requisite skills, talent, and qualifications.


To help an organization grow, a business development manager works on strategic planning, sales management, and looking for new clients. As a sales team member, the business development manager helps find leads, makes proposals to new clients, and builds relationships with customers and coworkers. Business development is a key part of an organization’s growth.


Let us learn more about this significant role in any enterprise.


What is a Business Development Manager Job Role?


The Business Development Manager job description entails many responsibilities to explore growth opportunities for both the individual and the company.


As a Business Development Manager, one will be identifying new business opportunities. The goal is to:

  • Improve profitability
  • Generate revenue
  • Help the growth of the business


The business development manager role includes enhancing a company’s operations, reputation, or position. Business development managers are integral to an organization’s success. They help to find new sales leads, negotiate prices with clients, and predict sales revenue.


Business development managers must look at current sales figures and strategize how an organization can grow and expand. So, this is a great job for people who are self-motivated, goal-oriented, and driven by commissions.


Business Development Manager Roles and Responsibilities


The exact extent of the duties of a business development officer may vary according to the organization and the sector. But it is essential to be open to challenges and push boundaries to be successful in this career.


If you are wondering what are the Business Development Manager roles and responsibilities, here is a list:

  • Find out the appropriate contact in a business.
  • Meet with clients in person or over the phone.
  • Develop and foster relationships with clients.
  • Cold call potential customers and generate leads.
  • Research new business scope and opportunities. This can include growth areas, new markets, and partnerships.
  • Analyze the latest trends, products and services, and ways to penetrate existing markets.
  • Be aware of trends and alterations in the business world.
  • Understand customer needs and respond efficiently.
  • Think strategically with the bigger picture and goals in mind.
  • Prepare reports and present them to stakeholders and management.
  • Network with peers and industry leaders by attending industry-related conferences, seminars, and events.
  • Look for ways to improve and enhance profitability.
  • Understand the brand’s products and services well.
  • Train team members like the assistant business development manager and management trainees working under you.
  • Discuss promotional activities and plan with the marketing department.
  • Draw up contracts and agreements, and work with the legal team.
  • Be proficient in using different tools like CRM software, email marketing tools, and others.
  • Work with the content team to create interactive and persuasive proposals and emails.
  • Liaise with the finance, logistics, and warehousing departments.


Skills for Becoming a Business Development Manager


When hiring a business development manager, most companies look for certain skills which are prerequisites for this role.


Some of the essential skills needed for getting a business development manager job role are:


  1. Communication skills:  This is a key skill for this role, as, without the right persuasive skill, a BDM will not be able to close deals or maintain open communication between clients and internal teams. A business development manager has to interact with various people from across the world and appear professional and pleasing to potential and existing clients.
  2. Time-management skills: Sometimes, business development managers need to work across different time zones to pursue global clients.
  3. Organizational skills: People that want to be successful in this career must be able to manage many clients, on- and off-site meetings, and deadlines. People that are well-organized are most suited to manage the various aspects of the job and keep client proposals and other duties on track.
  4. Technical skills: Business development managers must be proficient in using content management systems (CMS) and video calling software like Zoom, Teams, and others, as well as maintain an online calendar and have a basic understanding of MS Excel and Powerpoint presentations. Business development managers must also use project management systems and have good research skills.
  5. Driven and self-motivated: The most successful business development managers are goal-oriented. They also need to be self-motivated, patient and have a positive outlook. BDMs often have to face rejection and work under stringent deadlines to meet targets; thus, they should be able to perform under pressure.


How to Become a Business Development Manager?


There is no exact path to becoming a successful assistant business development manager. A standard qualification guideline is mentioned below.


  1. Get a bachelor’s degree in business development, business management, economics, accountancy, or any other related field.
  2. A master’s degree is not mandatory, but having an MBA can often help one advance in this profession and get a better salary.
  3. Get certifications in sales, marketing, or business development.
  4. Develop technical skills by learning about project management software, Microsoft working tools, Google working tools, email marketing software, CMS, and others.
  5. Apply for an internship and gain any other B2B sales or marketing experience.
  6. Apply for relevant jobs matching the business development manager job description.
  7. Continuously update the resume with the latest experience.


The salary can be determined depending on the years of expertise, qualification, and business development roles and responsibilities.


The business development manager salary in UAE is an average of AED 12,000; in the Kingdom of Bahrain, one can expect to receive 5400 BHD, while in the Sultanate of Oman, it can be around 3000 OMR, and in Iraq, it can be about 2,709,958 IQD per month.


Find Business Development Manager with 6 Pence


A Business Development Manager roles and responsibilities are integral to a company’s success and bottom line. Thus, it is essential to hire the right person. 6 Pence can help your business find the right professional. We are an HR and staff outsourcing solution provider based in Oman, Iraq, Dubai, and Bahrain. We have skilled, seasoned, and knowledgeable team of recruiters who work to match companies with the right prospective employee. Contact us to learn more!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the basic qualities of a BDM?


A Business Development Manager must have great communication, strategizing and interpersonal skills. They should have a basic understanding of IT skills and CRM platforms.


What are the strengths of a business development executive?


A business development executive must be able to prioritize workload and multitask. They should also have leadership qualities and be able to work both clients, stakeholders, and internal teams.

What are the basic qualities of a business development officer?


Business Development Manager roles and responsibilities include the ability to strategize. You should be able to analyze sales figures and make reports. Your approach to work must be flexible.


How To Start Career In Digital Marketing With No Experience?

start career in digital marketing

Did you know that the digital marketing industry is expected to reach $807 million by 2026, and 63% of businesses have increased their digital marketing budget in the last year?


These numbers go on to show that the demand for skilled digital marketers will only grow in the near future. LinkedIn said digital marketing is one of the top career choices in 2023. Thus, if you want to start career in digital marketing, then now is the time!


Digital marketing experts help companies reach their goals by increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing sales. They craft strategies to maximise the company’s online presence and reach their target audience. Not to mention, digital marketing experts are experienced in analytics and can track and measure the performance of campaigns to ensure they are delivering the desired results.


So, do you want to start digital marketing career and establish yourself as a maverick marketer? This blog will provide insight into what goes into the making of a digital marketer.


Why Start Career in Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is a rapidly growing industry with many opportunities for a successful career. It is an in-demand skill, and those with the right technical, creative, and analytical skills can go far.


The field provides the potential for working remotely or flexibly and earning a fat paycheck. Digital marketing is a great career choice for those who are creative, tech-savvy, passionate about marketing and have an out-of-box approach.


How to Start Career in Digital Marketing?


Before starting a digital marketing career, it’s essential to understand the basics of the field. This includes SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and web analytics. You can do this by taking classes, reading books, or researching online.


Taking a free digital marketing course from an accredited university or an online course provider can help you better understand the principles of digital marketing. You’ll learn about the latest trends, technologies, and strategies for success in digital marketing.


Opting for a digital marketing course online with certificate can help you stand out from your competition and show potential employers that you have the skills and knowledge required for the job.


Certifications are essential, especially for digital marketing resume for fresher, who often lack the necessary expertise to showcase in their interviews. Certifications can help both seasoned and amateur digital marketing professionals.


Here are some of the top free digital marketing courses:

  1. Fundamentals of digital marketing by Google
  2. Inbound Marketing by HubSpot Academy
  3. Google Analytics for Beginners by Google
  4. Become an Online Marketing Manager by LinkedIN Learning
  5. Digital Media and Marketing Strategies by University of Illinoise through Coursera platform
  6. Digital Marketing Tips and Skills by Skillshare
  7. The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing by Quicksprout University


It’s always possible to start a digital marketing career. With the rise of digital technology and social media marketing, there is an increased demand for digital marketing professionals. Many companies are looking to hire digital marketers and offer handsome salaries and perks so that you can begin your career anytime. With the right training and experience, you can quickly become a much-in-demand digital marketing expert.


Skills Required to Start Career in Digital Marketing



Are you wondering what skills for digital marketing resume are needed?

There is a high demand for digital marketing talent, and the digital marketing executive salary will depend on your skillset and expertise.


Here are the necessary skills that will help you stand apart from your peers:

  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of different social media platforms and digital marketing tools
  • Experience in content marketing, SEO/SEM, email marketing, and lead generation
  • Analytical mindset and ability to interpret data from analytics tools
  • A keen sense of writing (copies and long-form content) and graphic and video designing
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Understanding of web design and coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Knowledge of marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and prioritise effectively
  • Creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Understanding of current trends in digital marketing
  • Stay abreast of the latest trends, topics, and updates
  • Should have experience running ads on social media and Google


Those who want to start career in digital marketing must possess a high level of technical and analytical skills, as well as experience in digital marketing strategies, tactics, and tools. They should understand how to optimise campaigns for particular platforms, create content for multiple digital channels, and measure and track the success of their campaigns.


Digital marketers must understand the brand and customer’s point of view, as it will help translate the brand story to the right target audience.


Things That You Need To Mention in Digital Marketing Resume For Freshers


A look into digital marketing resume for freshers provides valuable insight into the skills, experience, and qualifications of potential entry-level digital marketing candidates. It helps companies understand the type of marketing experience and the candidate’s knowledge of digital marketing tools, techniques, and strategies.


A digital marketing resume for a fresher should include the following:

  • Education: Relevant educational qualifications, such as a degree in marketing, advertising, or business.
  • Work Experience: Past work experiences, such as internships or voluntary work.
  • Skills: Digital marketing-specific skills, such as SEO, SEM, analytics, or social media marketing.
  • Projects: Projects that demonstrate experiences in digital marketing, such as website design or content creation.
  • Certifications: Digital marketing course online with certificates, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and copywriting, among others.
  • Additional Skills: Other relevant skills like expertise in SEO, web designing, and data analytics.


6 Pence can help you start a career in digital marketing


If you want to start career in digital marketing, finding the right job opportunity can become a game changer. 6 Pence is a leading recruitment and staff outsourcing agency in Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, and Dubai. We partner with top companies and help them to find the best talents.

Candidates can drop their CVs with us, and we will help partner them with the right job that will help them get the top digital marketing executive salary.


Want to start career in digital marketing but are unable to? Let 6 Pence connect you with the company that you are fit for. Drop your resume with us and follow us on social media to stay abreast of the latest job postings.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What is the objective of starting a career in digital marketing?


Knowing the objective helps start career in digital marketing. The aim is to gain knowledge and skills in digital marketing, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. This can help you become more efficient and effective Digital Marketers.


2. Which skill is best for digital marketing?


There is no one specific skill that stands out as the most important one in the field of digital marketing. Among the crucial ones are content creation, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, and analytics.


3. Is digital marketing in demand?


Yes, digital marketing is in high demand. It has become increasingly important in today’s digital world, and businesses are looking for Digital Marketers to help them reach more customers, build their brands, and increase sales.


4. Is digital marketing a safe career?


Yes, you can safely start a career in digital marketing. It is a rapidly growing field, with new opportunities always being created. It’s a great career choice for those interested in technology, marketing, and analytics. With the right skills and experience, Digital Marketers can find secure, well-paying jobs in various industries.