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What are the Best Short-term Courses to Learn that would Increase Your Chances of Landing a Job in 2023?

With increasing cut-throat competition and demand for job-relevant skills, everyone is pursuing short-term courses for jobs. Since the skill gap is one of the primary reasons for unemployment, you can quickly land your dream job by getting an edge over your peers. 

Although there is no hard and fast rule regarding when to pick up a skill, short-term job-oriented courses after graduation will help you upgrade your skills while identifying your passion. These courses and certifications can provide students with proper guidance for career choices while increasing their competency. 


Short-term courses for job seekers can complement staff outsourcing solutions by providing specialized skills and training for immediate employment opportunities.


Typically, 6-month career training programs are the most favored for securing lucrative and high-salaried jobs across industries. On that note, let’s learn about more short-term courses. 

3 Benefits of Taking Short-Term Courses for Job-Oriented Courses After Graduation

If you are still in doubt and wondering if you need to pursue specialized courses, look at the benefits. 

High-paying jobs

The market is saturated with people looking for jobs. However, companies are only willing to hire talented professionals with an edge over the candidate pool. They seek specialized skills that are outside of a traditional college curriculum. 

Therefore, professional courses with certifications can help you stand out and land high-salaried jobs. You will be able to seize any opportunity that comes your way and advance your career. 

Networking opportunities

Pursuing short-term courses for jobs also strengthens your communication skills and allows you to network. Industry experts often teach these courses and give you the exposure you lack. You can expand your network, get to know more people in your field, interact with executive leaders and make industry connections. Ultimately, these will help you climb the ladder and land a job in a reputable company. 

Hands-on knowledge 

By enrolling in specialized short-term courses, you can try out your knowledge on real-life projects. These courses give students several instances that test their expertise and help them develop new skills. 


5 Best Short-Term Courses for Jobs in 2023

Here is a list of short certificate programs that pay well

Business Analytics

The global business analytics market is projected to reach USD 78.12 billion at a CAGR of 8.50% by 2030. This is more than the average for all other occupations. Business analytics is achieved through statistical procedures. Business analysts study and compare historical data to help businesses make informed growth-related decisions. If you are curious about data handling or statistics, you can start with this course. 


Your core modules will include lessons on:


  • Creating a workspace
  • Data handling and formatting
  • Importing and restructuring data 
  • Basic conceptual architecture of business statistics
  • Data visualizations
  • Accounting and Taxation

Product Management Certification Program 

The demand for product managers has increased exponentially in the last few years. More and more companies are hiring product managers to ensure the success of their launches and maintain steady business growth. 


The Product Management Certification Program is one of the best short-term courses for jobs offered by UpGrad. It includes 160 hours of learning and training. Industry experts from top firms like Zomato, Myntra, and PayTM offer lectures. After completion, you get an authorized certification from the Duke Corporate Education faculty. 


The best thing about this course is that it is online, and you can learn at your own pace. Job-oriented courses like these have a good ROI and can propel your career. 

Digital Marketing courses 

A digital marketing certification is one of the most cost-effective short-term job-oriented courses after graduation. It comes with industry knowledge, specialized skills, and a well-paying job. Since social media and communications have become indispensable to business marketing, these courses are in-demand. 


Digital marketing courses train students with the basic knowledge and technology used in marketing. It equips students with knowledge about SEO strategy, Google analytics, affiliate marketing, web analytics, social media campaigns, etc. Courses usually range from two months to four months in this field.  You will find many accredited digital marketing courses on online platforms like Udemy, UpGrad, Coursera, etc. 

AI and ML certification

If you are looking for short-term courses for jobs in engineering and AI, this is the one for you! 

AI is taking over the world. Jobs in AI engineering and development are predicted to experience a 28 per cent annual growth, and over 11.5 million new jobs will be created globally by 2026. Thus, if you want to hop on the bandwagon and land a lucrative title, pursue an AL and ML certification. 


However, before applying, you must have an interest and basic knowledge of neural networks, programming, data modeling and evaluation, software engineering, and machine learning algorithms. 


The average annual salary in the UAE for a mid-level AI and ML engineer in Dubai can range around AED 350,000 per annum. This figure is an approximation and can vary depending on your years of experience, level of expertise, and the company you are working for.  With an AI and ML certification, you can get a job at leading companies like Adobe, Zomato, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Google, Deloitte, McKinsey, etc. 

Java courses

If you are an aspiring software engineer and want to upskill, Java courses are ideal for you.  Java is an object-oriented language that lets you construct real-world applications. Since software-based Java technology works on almost all devices, the demand for this skill is massive. 


It is a widely revered programming language worldwide and pursuing a Java course can offer lucrative opportunities with generous salary packages and additional perks. 


After completing this course, you can explore roles like Computer Programmer, Java Developer, Software Developer, JAVA Webmaster Software, etc. If you have the resources, check out accredited online courses offered by top universities on Udemy and Coursera. 


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Pursuing certifications and short-term courses for jobs is always an excellent idea to propel your career. Before enrolling, research and find out which classes are best for your industry. The good thing about short certificate programs that pay well is you can do it anytime in your career. Employers always see upskilling yourself in a positive light and may help you get an edge over the competition.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a unique career?

Unique careers refer to lesser-known jobs or positions that are not conventional job titles, such as doctors, teachers, lawyers, sales associates, engineers, etc. Unique jobs require special skills, including unusual responsibilities and different work environments compared to a typical office setting. They are found across various industries and are an alternative for those who want to deviate from the norm. Some examples of unique careers are floral designer, zookeeper, animator, fragrance consultant, boat captain, etc. 


Is it okay to have a job for six months? 

Changing jobs after six months is perfectly okay if you feel your current position is not suited to you. You can approach your employer to discuss changing organizational responsibilities or explore jobs outside.


What courses are best for three months? 

Some of the best three month-courses are web designer, HVAC Technician, Licensed Real Estate Agent, a Certificate in social work, Digital Marketing, Event Management, Graphic Design and Animation, Life Insurance, Network Marketing, etc. 


Which certification course is best for finance?

If you are considering a career as a financial analyst, pursuing a professional finance certification can drastically improve your chances of advancing your career. The best certification for finance is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification. It is highly sought after by finance professionals worldwide and takes an average of four years to complete.


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