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Why Hire the Top Outsourcing Agency in Iraq for Recruitment and HR Operations?

A business can only be successful if its employees are talented. Whether running a multinational company, an e-commerce business, or a retail store, recruiting top talents that fit your business values is a must. However, this recruitment process isn’t easy, especially when the job market is candidate-centric and suffers from a labour shortage. 


Here comes the need for the top outsourcing agency in Iraq. These people have the right knowledge and expertise to help you recruit quality talent. This guide will cover why outsourcing recruitment and HR tasks are gaining popularity among Iraqi businesses.

What are Outsourced Recruitment Services?

Recruiting top talents in your company can be troublesome as it requires a lot of time and effort. Moreover, there remains a chance of a bad hire due to your in-house team’s lack of expertise, skills, and access to the right network. 


Here comes the need for outsourced recruitment services, which small to established companies are ready to invest in for their advantages. Outsourcing recruitment services refers to the total or partial outsourcing of your internal recruitment function to a specialist or an agency that acts as your extended recruitment team. 


These services can help you resolve recruiting challenges like 


  • strategic candidate sourcing
  • selecting and interviewing
  • recruiting
  • onboarding

Moreover, they can also help you improve employer branding, candidate reference checking, and workforce planning.


You can outsource certain HR functions like payroll and benefits administration, recruitment and onboarding, employee training and development, legal compliance, and performance management.

Why Hire the Top Outsourcing Agency in Iraq?

According to research, the global outsourcing services market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.54% from 2020 to 2027. It isn’t restricted to any particular industry, but companies in every sector are outsourcing at least one of their services. 


Now let us understand why you should consider employee outsourcing companies for your recruitment. 

Better Recruitment 

When using staff outsourcing services, you can work with specialist recruiters. These people have the experience and expertise to carefully source and screen individuals who match your company’s requirements perfectly. 


However, with global employment outsourcing services, you can attract and retain these talents in business. It is mainly because they have experience and understanding of your specific needs, objectives and constraints and can deliver results that fit your operations.

Faster Hires

The hiring process in your company can be time-consuming as you must go through multiple steps before selecting a candidate. According to research, companies usually lose nearly 89% of potential talents due to their prolonged screening process


On the other hand, numerous other people leave you midway due to complex interviews, the long application process, improper communication, etc. However, top HR outsourcing companies already have a large talent database and know the ideal sourcing channels. This helps them fetch candidates to fill your vacancies faster. 

Broader Candidate Reach

No matter whether you wish to recruit local people or expats, these top HR outsourcing companies can help. They have a large pool of talent locally and internationally. They can assist you in selecting a particular type of staff member as per your needs. 


Moreover, they allow you to promote inclusivity and diversity in business by connecting you with talents from different backgrounds. 

Strengthening Business Models

The top outsourcing agency in Iraq can evaluate and forecast future market trends that can impact your business. With their knowledge and skills, they can advise you on how to deal with such situations, help you identify skill gaps, and balance the demand and supply of workers for hard-to-fill roles. 


Thus, they encourage a steady business expansion by implementing a dynamic recruitment support system based on in-depth data analysis. 

Improves Recruitment Flexibility and Scalability

Depending on your objectives, your business may have different recruitment needs throughout the year. However, understanding how many employees you need at certain points for maximum productivity can be challenging. 


The top outsourcing agency in Iraq can foresee and handle such scenarios efficiently. Moreover, they can ensure you provide the correct number of qualified people for your vacancies at all times. 

Leveraging the Latest Recruitment Techniques

You must stay on top of emerging trends in hiring top employees to survive the competition and remain relevant. For top recruitment agencies, creating and applying the newest hiring technologies is their priority. They keep track of such technologies and modern strategies to hire candidates that fit your company’s goals. 

Reduced Risk of Employee Turnover

When you hire the right fit for your roles and provide them with a thriving work environment, you will find a reduced chance of employees leaving. Employee turnover can greatly impact business outcomes; thus, working with a specialised agency can help you mitigate this challenge.

Allow you to Focus on Core Activities

When outsourcing your recruitment and HR services to an agency, your employees get time to focus on core activities. This includes handling end-to-end candidate sourcing, communicating with potential employees, creating strategies for employee growth, improving customer service, and focusing on business success. 

Cost-Effective Solutions

Firstly, hiring talents for your in-house HR team can be costly as you need to pay them benefits over high salaries. But for recruitment outsourcing agencies, you pay a small fee for their services. Additionally, they can speed up your recruitment process and save up funds for advertising, sourcing and selecting candidates. 

Why is 6 Pence Considered a Top Outsourcing Agency in Iraq?

So, are you looking for a top outsourcing agency in Iraq that can make hiring easy, streamlined, and optimised for your brand? Then look no further than 6 Pence. 


We help you focus on core business activities and growth objectives without worrying about staffing and HR functions. We have been the leading outsourcing provider for recruitment and staffing solutions in the Republic of Iraq, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman, and Dubai, UAE.


Let us look at some of the key defining features that make us one of the leading recruitment partners for Iraqi businesses:


  • We have served 1000+ clients across leading MNCs and public companies over the last 17 years.
  • 6 Pence specialises in staff outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, PRO services, recruitment and promoters management
  • Our extensive talent database is made up of high-quality candidates.
  • We have an employee self-service portal that helps employers and employees directly complete job-related tasks previously handled by HR.
  • 6 Pence directly communicates with their client businesses rather than connecting with any intermediaries and subsidiaries to maintain privacy and data security. 
  • Don’t limit your talent pool; we help with international hires. Our team also helps you with visa applications, labour cards, other documentation and approvals.
  • With us, you can hire permanent staff and people for long-term and short-term assignments, as well as contractual and temporary staff.
  • 6 Pence has experienced recruiters who understand the requirements of our business partners and find talents who match them. 
  • With us, you can reduce the cost and time to hire. 

6 Pence aims to help all our business partners with best-in-class outsourcing services that can improve their recruitment process and streamline HR formalities and payroll processes.


Connect with us today to know more!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a staff outsourcing agency? 

A staff outsourcing agency offers temporary to permanent employee services to third-party companies. It can reduce your HR workload, achieve recruitment flexibility and minimise overheads.

What is the purpose of an outsourcing company? 

The purpose of an outsourcing company is to help you recruit high-quality staff and offer HR services so that you can spend time on core business operations.

What are the three advantages of staff outsourcing?

The three advantages of staff outsourcing are better and faster recruitment, cutting expenses, and strengthening business models.


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