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Which are the Best Jobs for Pregnant Women?

Women are often forced to choose between their professional and personal lives. A couple has a child together, but only the career of a woman is impacted.


Pregnancy is the most beautiful feeling for every woman until the worries of career limitations strike hard. While companies offer maternity leave to working women, future career growth opportunities might often become more challenging to come by.


If you don’t want to take a break from work and still enjoy your pregnancy, then start looking for the best jobs for pregnant women. In this guide, we will share the top 10 jobs that don’t limit your career growth due to pregnancy. Additionally, we will suggest what jobs to avoid and share a few challenges that expecting mothers may face while job hunting. 

Top 10 Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

Research says 61% of women believe motherhood causes disruptions in their career opportunities. This is mainly because of the job limitations that expecting mothers face at the peak of their careers.


 Even when companies allow you leave during the final weeks of pregnancy, most of these leaves are unpaid. Therefore, you must start looking for the best jobs for pregnant women that provide financial stability and health security. 


We have compiled some of the perfect jobs for pregnant women.

Virtual Assistant

If pregnancy complications stop you from leaving the house, try applying for virtual assistant posts. You can work as an assistant to business owners, managers or other professionals virtually.


Some of your responsibilities will include scheduling, recordkeeping, and clerical tasks. However, to apply as a virtual assistant, you must have desired computer skills and knowledge of work processes, online data sharing and organisational tools, and spreadsheets. 

Online or Private Tutor

Teaching has always been a noble profession where your mental power overrules physical health. Online tutoring can be one of the best part time jobs for pregnant ladies, where you teach students virtually in the field of your expertise. 


For example, if you are a math graduate, you can be an online math tutor for junior classes. Additionally, you can also call your local students at home for private classes. 

Content Writer

If you have a good grasp of languages and creativity in writing, content writer roles are the best work from home jobs for pregnant moms today. Almost every industry is looking for freelance writers, including copywriters and blog writers, to boost their brands online and offline. However, you must know the niche, have proper research and analytics skills, communicate well, and understand the latest tools and technologies. 

Social Media Manager

Presently, social media is playing a vital role in boosting brand awareness and reputation. This increases the demand for social media managers, which is also one of the exciting online jobs for pregnant moms. You don’t need to commute or do hard labour, but only your marketing skills and knowledge of handling social media accounts can get you the job. 


Some of your responsibilities include overseeing a company’s social media accounts, interacting with its clients, and representing the brand positively and engagingly.  Additionally, you may need to write blog posts, create strategies to improve followings and measure performance across multiple sites using specific tools.


Most companies seek a bookkeeper to oversee their accounting books and financial transactions. This doesn’t require too much labour, but good bookkeeping or accounting knowledge is necessary. Bookkeeping can be one of the best jobs for pregnant women, where you need to do some day-to-day accounting tasks, e.g., monitor income, deal with tax returns, prepare annual accounts, etc. 


Additionally, you may need to deal with certain sensitive and valuable company data. Therefore, experience with bookkeeping tools and security systems is essential to get the job. 

Graphic Designer

Graphic design can be one of the great side jobs for pregnant moms if you hold a graphic design degree and a little experience. These professionals create digital content for brands like website designs, brochures, logos, adverts and cartoons. 


However, you must be an expert in using Adobe Creative Cloud software and other designing tools like Canva, CorelDraw, and Adobe Illustrator. Pregnant graphic designers get a good salary and have flexible working hours and schedules that don’t impact your doctor’s appointment and rest hours. 


Proper sleep and long resting hours are necessary during pregnancy, but financial stability is also essential. At such times, you can apply for a transcriptionist role where you hear and transcribe audio and video files. It doesn’t require a specific professional qualification to work for companies. However, if you’re working as a legal or medical transcriptionist, knowledge of related terminology and documentation is needed.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has the potential to bring passive income while you are pregnant. It is similar to referral marketing, where you recommend people a product with a link to click in your blogs. You earn a commission when they click on that link to purchase the product. 


With affiliate marketing, you don’t have a sales target, which means less stress during pregnancy. Several affiliate networks like Amazon don’t even ask you for a blog to participate in their affiliate marketing. You can also use social media to promote their coupon codes or discounts. 

Customer Service Representative

Customer service jobs are classics for most individuals and are among the best jobs for pregnant women. As a customer service representative, your responsibility will be to help customers with their queries over the phone or online. 


Mostly, you need to help customers solve technical issues using online tools like voice calls and emails. Therefore, you must acquire good knowledge in the domain and skills like problem-solving, communication, and patience.  

Online Business

You don’t have to own an office to be an entrepreneur. You can run your own business while being at home. Presently, mom-to-be or mompreneurs are changing the entire meaning of entrepreneurship. 


For example, if you have a hobby of baking cakes, why not start a cake bakery from home? You can take orders online or via phone and look for delivery services to supply them. You can also start a small business at home with other pregnant ladies and sell your products online. 


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What are the Challenges in Finding the Best Jobs for Pregnant Women?

In the past few years, GCC countries have proved to be some of the safest places for women to work. However, pregnant women still find difficulty in getting a job of their choice due to physical discomfort and workplace biases. 


It is obvious to encounter physical changes like fatigue, nausea or back pain during pregnancy that make working difficult. Additionally, you may need to use the restroom frequently during this period, leading to distractions. 


Furthermore, you must avoid certain jobs exposed to toxins like pesticides, paint, car exhaust fumes, etc. If you are breathing in or absorbing such chemicals, it may affect your little one in the womb. 


You must also avoid careers that put extra strain on your body, like heavy lifting, long periods of standing, etc. Working for longer hours without stress can not only affect your baby but also cause health issues in you. Therefore, you can take a break from your full-time job now and look out for side jobs for pregnant moms.

How Does 6 Pence Help You Secure the Best Jobs for Pregnant Women?

We understand how difficult it is to find the best jobs for pregnant women. At 6 Pence, you can apply for various jobs that are safe to perform even during pregnancy. If you also want to restart your career after a maternity break, you can apply for jobs with us! 


Visit our careers page to learn about the latest job openings in Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, and Dubai.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs to avoid while pregnant? 

During pregnancy, you must avoid jobs that are highly exposed to chemicals or potential toxins. Additionally, straining jobs and working multiple hours without rest must be avoided. 

What is the best job to work while pregnant? 

Some of the best jobs for pregnant women are tutoring, virtual assistant, content writer, transcriptionist, graphic designer, bookkeeper, and customer service representative. 

How to find a job while pregnant?

You can search for a job on different remote job platforms with DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives. Most remote opportunities allow pregnant women to work in their flexible hours and schedules and from anywhere.


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