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Top 6 Video Interview Tips for Jobseekers

If you’re actively looking for jobs, you probably are aware of video interviews being the new norm. Why? It is highly beneficial for both employers and potential employees. 


For jobseekers, it eliminates your commuting time and cost while allowing interviewers to conduct preliminary interviews online. In addition to that, it creates a virtual platform for face-to-face meetings, which was missing in telephonic interviews. 


But, cracking an interview in-person or virtually is equally tricky, and only a few can land a job. Therefore, we offer the best video interview tips for candidates through today’s guide to ease the process.

What is a Video Interview?

Just like in-office interviews, where you simultaneously face a single or a group of interviewers, video interviews do the same but virtually. It is an organised virtual meeting for the interviewer and interviewee to get to know each other via video conferencing. 


The recruiter assesses your abilities, qualifications, motivations, and personality traits for the role through such interviews. On the other hand, you can assess the company’s work culture, career advancement options, and other criteria to accept an offer. 


In most cases, HR will schedule a meeting with you first and send the interview date and link to your email. You can use that link to join the interview on a scheduled date and time.


In the next section, we will be looking at some amazing video interview tips to help you make the right impression.

How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview?

Whether appearing for online or physical interviews, you must be 100% prepared for the interview. According to a recent survey, only 2% of job applicants are selected for an interview. Therefore, preparing for a virtual interview is essential. 


Here are some video interview tips that will help you ace your first professional interaction with a potential employer:

Understand the Video Interview Format

Recruiters mainly use two video interview formats today, i.e., live interviews and pre-recorded interviews. Live interviews happen in real-time, where you and the recruiters interact and give answers live.


On the other hand, in pre-recorded interviews, the recruiter wants you to record your answers and submit them for review. 

Learn About the Company and the Role

Before appearing for any interview, you must know the company and the role you are applying for. Your interviewer may ask questions related to the company to understand if you are fit for the organisation. 


Gone are the days when recruiters primarily relied on only heavyweight resumes. But, they now look into different aspects of a candidate’s characteristics to choose the best-fit talent. 

Identify Your Strengths and Limitations

There is nothing bad in accepting your weaknesses in front of the recruiter. It defines how well you know yourself and what you do to recover them. However, this doesn’t mean you would say, “I procrastinate or I have anger issues.” It creates a negative impression on the recruiter, leading to rejection. You must always show your weakness in a positive light.


On the other hand, you must take pride in defining your strengths without appearing overconfident. For example, you can say, “I’m a fast learner and a good problem solver.” These are your plus points that companies try to find in candidates and understand how they can use you for company growth. 

Practice Mock Interviews 

Online interviews can be intimidating just because of the new setup. Always try to conduct a mock interview using the same app your interviewer sent unless it is extremely niche. Most companies use Zoom, Teams, or Gmail to conduct interviews. 


Opt for a room with ample light, clear background, and nominal noise. Keep your camera at eye level so that only your chest above can be seen. You must check your microphone and internet connectivity.  


You can search for virtual interview questions on Google and list the most common questions when preparing for the best answers.

Make a Compelling Introduction Note

Your first chance to make an everlasting impression on the recruiter is the introduction part. Search for video interview introductions on Google to create a unique one for yourself. This must contain your work experiences, what separates you from others, and why you think you suit the role. 


In addition to that, you can share your qualifications and any additional certificate courses to emphasise your abilities. 

Must-Know Video Interview Tips for Job Seekers

Video interviews require preparation and a good mental setup. However, what sets them apart is that you appear for video interviews in the comfort of your home. 


Candidates can save time and money commuting to the interview location with video tools. Moreover, no geographical boundaries or time barriers are limiting your chances to appear for an interview. 


We have listed the top virtual interview tips for your main day. 

Set up Your Interview Space

One of the main video interview tips is to assist you in creating the first impression that is strong, and unforgettable, but in a good way!


You can wear a formal dress on top of your pyjamas, but the setup must look professional. Recruiters usually get fewer opportunities to identify your uniqueness through virtual conversations. 


Therefore, you must consider your space and environment to create a strong impression on the recruiters. It includes having a clean and uncluttered background and proper lighting.

Ace Your Technology

Virtual interviews are all about technology, which includes a stable internet connection and good control over your device. Also, check your device’s microphone, speaker, and camera. In addition to that, you must download the video conferencing tool beforehand and master the platform.

Show Up Early

Punctuality in an interview, whether online or offline, creates a good impression on the interviewee. You must prepare your setup half an hour before the interview and log in to the platform with the provided link. This is one of the most essential video interview tips.


Additionally, keep your portfolio and documents ready before the interviewer asks you for them. This shows your professionalism and creates a good image for the interviewer. 

Use Positive Body Language

Though the interview isn’t in-person, you cannot disregard body language. This includes avoiding slouching, touching your face, or moving too much. 


At the same time, you must remember to smile, be an active listener, and keep good eye contact. Even for pre-recorded interviews, you must believe you are speaking to a real person. It means you must stay enthusiastic in responding to all the questions so that the recruiter finds you interesting when they review.

Stay Calm Throughout the Interview

Your interviewer can put you in challenging situations to see how you overcome them. In such cases, if you are stressed or overwhelmed, ask the recruiter to give you time. 


You can say, “Can I take a few seconds to think and answer your question.” This doesn’t show your unpreparedness but your sincerity in answering questions professionally. Therefore, video interview practise is a must before you appear in front of the screen.

Don’t Make Conversations Sound Monotonous

Your conversations with the recruiter may get monotonous at some point. In that case, you can choose neutral topics to discuss or ask questions about the company, career opportunities, etc. Additionally, you must focus on the pace of your conversation, which shouldn’t be too slow or too fast. 


We hope these video interview tips have been helpful!

How 6 Pence Helps 

This guide covers all the necessary video interview tips to help you land your dream job. You must know yourself better and learn the essential skills required to keep improving daily. We hope this guide has helped you to understand the best tips for video interviews.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for a video interview? 

Some integral video interview tips are: ensure you learn common questions, have a good interview location, formal attire, and good body language, and keep a spark in your conversation. 

How can I impress in a video call interview? 

You get a little opportunity to impress the recruiter over a video call interview. However, a good introduction, proper dressing sense, communication skills, and good interview etiquette can help you impress them.

What employers look for in video interviews?

Employers mainly look into your skills and abilities for the role, professionalism, way of communication, and body language.


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