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How to Introduce Yourself in a Job Interview [Tips]

Do you know what is the favourite question of interviewers? And which is the most dreaded one by interviewees? Surprisingly, it is one question, “Why don’t you tell me something about yourself?”


A self-introduction for interview helps you create a strong impression. Remember the saying, First impression is the last impression, well that holds true for an interview. This is probably the easiest question, given that no one knows you better than yourself.


But when you are sitting in front of a bunch of strangers who can decide your professional fate, it can become very challenging to decide what to tell, and what to leave behind.


Self introduction for job interview can make or break the chance to work in an organisation.


What Should Be Included in Job Interview Introduction?

Your interview self introduction example should include the following details:


Your Personal Details

This will be a brief introduction to yourself, including your name and educational qualifications (just the latest degree or professional certifications; you don’t need to start with your pre-school details).


Keep this short, and sum it up within three to four sentences.


“I am Jasmin Ahmed, and I originally hail from India but have been working Dubai for the last three years. I am proficient in speaking four languages: Hindi, English, Arabic, and French. I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and recently got certified as an SEO specialist.”


Even though the recruiters will have the CV in front of you, they still might expect you to go through them. You can also mention any special detail, like if you topped your university or got the Dean’s recommendation.


Previous Work Experience

Now, you don’t need to learn up your entire work experience from your resume. However, when giving self introduction for interview, just briefly summarise your last experience or any special project you worked on.


It can be something like this:


“I am currently working as a project manager at XYZ and head a team of 10 sales executives. I was part of the team that worked on the ABC marketing project, which gained over 10 million Instagram views.”


But if you are giving a self-introduction sample for job interview fresher role, you can skip this part or mention any internships you worked on.



An interviewer values not just your academics and professional prowess but also your personal attributes and character. Your self-introduction in an interview also demonstrates whether you fit the company’s culture and long-term objectives.


You can mention your hobbies, such as whether you love gardening, cooking, or sports. However, it is important to remember that you should not mention anything that is politically or religiously inclined or discriminatory in nature in this section.


This part can also be used to showcase your personal values and things that you believe in.


For example:


“I love pets and have two labradors called Tom and Jerry. Before adopting these rescue dogs, I used to volunteer at an animal shelter along with my grandfather, who was a strong advocate of animal rights.”


Future Plans

This part should be about how you plan to contribute to the organisation and why you deserve a place on the team. Talk about where you see yourself in the future and how this organisation is the right place for them. It will show your enthusiasm for the role.


What is the Ideal Duration of a Self Introduction for Interview?

There is no exact duration for delivering a job interview introduction. According to experts, the duration should be as long as an elevator pitch, which is about as brief as possible—within a minute. Any more than that and the recruiter might lose interest. This is especially true in the case of virtual interviews.


Also, most of the information that you share during the self introduction is already present with the hiring managers, and the other points will also come up later during the interview, when you can elaborate on them.


Self Introduction for Interview: Best Way to Answer

Even the best of us get tongue-tied when asked to give a job interview introduction. Don’t we all go into a flashback of all the times in the past when we stammered, huffed, and puffed and almost had an anxiety attack?


Well, this guide will teach you the best way to introduce yourself in an interview.


Mid-level Executives

“Hello, I’m Sarah. With five years of experience in Marketing, I’ve honed skills in Google Ads, project management, and client interaction. I’m enthusiastic about your use of AI in delivering out-of-the-box marketing campaigns.


My strengths lie in understanding the consumer and tailoring campaigns that resonate with them while also ensuring seamless communication and timely delivery of work. Outside work, I enjoy cooking and meditation. Thrilled about the opportunity to contribute to [Company Name] and eager to discuss how I can add value to the team.”


“Hello, I’m Ahmed. With 7 years of experience in sales, I’ve honed my skills in cold calling, sending emails, and research. I thrive in a high-pressure work environment, which is evident in my ability to be recognised as the star salesperson for two years in a row in my last organisation. Excited to bring my expertise to the sales manager role, I look forward to contributing to [Company Name]’s success. Thank you for considering my application.”


Senior Executives

“Hello, I’m Farouq. With over 10 years of experience in leadership roles, I’ve navigated complex challenges and driven strategic growth. My expertise lies in adaptability and innovation, fostering high-performing teams, and delivering measurable results.


I am attracted to this senior management position at [Company Name] because of its commitment to innovation and excellence. Eager to leverage my experience in the FinTech Sector, I’m ready to collaborate with the talented team here to drive impactful change and achieve organizational goals. Thank you for considering my candidacy.”


“Good day, I’m Amy. With extensive experience in senior management spanning 12 years, I’ve led teams to achieve strategic goals in the IT industry. My expertise lies in building client relations and creating an emotionally resilient team, which helps drive profitability and foster innovation. I’m drawn to this opportunity at [Company Name] due to its commitment to creating AI-enabled, eco-friendly chips. Eager to leverage my leadership and strategic acumen to propel [Company Name] to new heights. Thank you for considering my candidacy.”



“Hi there, I’m Harry, a recent graduate with a degree in Computer Science from Hunter College in New York. While I may be new to the workforce, I bring enthusiasm, fresh perspectives, and a strong desire to learn and grow. I’ve developed a solid foundation in coding and cyber security during my academic journey. I’m excited about the opportunity to apply my education and contribute positively to [Company Name]. With a proactive attitude and a willingness to take on challenges, I’m eager to embark on this journey and make a meaningful impact.”


How 6 Pence Helps

We hope by now you feel confident enough to give self introduction for interview. Remember, unless you can sell yourself effectively to the recruiters, you will not stand a chance to land the job.


If you are looking for well-paying jobs in Dubai, Bahrain, Oman, or Iraq, look no further. 6 Pence is a leading staffing and recruitment agency in the GCC. We hire for top MNCs and local public sector authorities. You can submit your CV by visiting our careers page on our website.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start my self introduction?

Start your self introduction by stating your full name, experience, and qualifications. You can also mention your skills, strengths, passions/hobbies, and what you can bring to the job. What is an example of a self introduction?


Hello, my name is [Name]. I recently graduated as [Name of the Course] from [Name of University]. I have interned as a [role] with [Company Name]. I’m enthusiastic to start my career in [Industry] and work with the innovative team at [Company Name].


What are some good introduction lines?

Some examples of introductory lines include:


  1. “Hello, I am (Name)…
  2. “With 15 years of expertise in leadership position, I’m (name)…


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