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Improve Team Productivity With 9 Strategies That Actually Work

Do you feel like your team could be accomplishing even more? You’re not alone! Many teams get stuck in routines, which can sometimes lead to a bit of a productivity slump. But hey, there’s good news! 


You can make many simple tweaks to boost your team’s efficiency and get everyone firing on all cylinders. In this blog, we’ll explore 9 practical strategies that actually work to improve team productivity. So, grab a pen and some paper, settle in, and let’s unlock the full potential of your team!

9 Strategies to Improve Team Productivity 

Ready to transform your team into a productivity powerhouse? Implementing even a few small changes can greatly impact how efficiently and effectively your team works together. So, let’s dive in and explore 9 practical strategies that can improve team productivity and boost your business’s overall success: 

Set Clear Goals and Expectations

Think of goals as your team’s roadmap. If everyone doesn’t know where they’re going or their priorities, it’s easy to get sidetracked or waste effort. As a leader, make sure every team member understands how their individual work contributes to the bigger picture. 


Set clear deadlines, define what success looks like, and provide the resources they need to get the job done. When everyone’s on the same page, it’s amazing how this simple step can improve team productivity and reduce frustration.

Foster Open Communication

Communication is the lifeblood of any high-performing team. It creates a more productive, collaborative and positive environment when people feel comfortable sharing ideas, asking for help, or even respectfully raising concerns. 


Encourage open dialogue during meetings, implement channels for regular feedback, and make sure your team members feel heard. 


This might involve activities to improve team performance, like workshops to practise effective communication or team-building exercises. Investing in open communication might take a bit of time upfront, but the payoff for your team’s productivity is huge!

Embrace Technology to Streamline Workflows

Are outdated systems or clunky processes slowing your team down? It’s time to embrace technology! According to a recent study, 92% of employees attested that technology that makes their work easier positively impacts how happy they are with their jobs.


The right tools can make a world of difference if you are looking to improve team productivity. Consider investing in:


  • Project Management Software: Keeps everyone organised and on track with deadlines.
  • Communication and Collaboration Tools: Allows for seamless information sharing and real-time updates.
  • Automation Tools: Eliminates tedious, repetitive tasks, freeing up your team’s time for higher-level work.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try out different tools and see which ones positively impact your team’s workflow and overall efficiency.

Offer Opportunities for Growth and Development

When your team members feel like they’re stagnating in their roles, it can drain motivation and productivity. Help your team stay engaged and driven by offering opportunities to learn new skills and expand their responsibilities. 


This could involve providing them access to online courses, supporting them in attending conferences or even offering cross-training within the company. When employees see that you’re invested in their growth, they’re more likely to go the extra mile, which can ultimately increase team productivity.

Celebrate Wins and Recognise Contributions

Feeling appreciated is a powerful motivator that can help you improve team productivity! When your team members know their hard work is noticed, they will likely stay engaged and committed to excellence. Take the time to celebrate both big and small victories, whether it’s completing a major project or making a great customer service save. 


Recognition doesn’t have to be fancy- a simple shout-out in a team meeting, a handwritten note, or even a small reward can go a long way. Show your team that you see their effort and value their contributions, and you’ll see a positive boost in morale and a determination to keep up the good work- all of which improves team productivity!

Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Burnout is a major productivity killer. While having a hard-working team is important, it’s equally important to encourage a healthy work-life balance. This means:


  • Respecting employees’ time outside of work hours.
  • Encouraging them to use their vacation days and take proper breaks.
  • Creating a culture where disconnecting to recharge is seen as a positive.

When your team feels supported in taking care of themselves both mentally and physically, they’ll return to work refreshed, energised, and ready to tackle challenges. This focus on well-being can enhance individual and team performance in the long run!

Prioritise Employee Well-Being

Taking care of your team’s well-being extends beyond just promoting work-life balance. Consider offering mental health resources, wellness programs, or flexible work arrangements to support their overall well-being and, in turn, improve team productivity. This shows your employees that you value them as people, not just employees. 


When people feel supported and cared for, they’re more likely to be loyal, productive, and invested in the company’s success. So, prioritising well-being isn’t just a nice thing to do; it’s actually a smart strategy to improve team productivity.

Encourage Collaboration and Knowledge-Sharing

Silos within teams are a productivity roadblock. Therefore, to improve team productivity, encourage your team members to work together, share ideas, and learn from each other’s expertise. 


Create a culture where asking for help or offering mentorship is celebrated. You could set up regular brainstorming sessions, cross-departmental projects, or even team-building activities that foster collaboration. 


When knowledge flows freely, and team members support each other, you unleash a wave of innovation and problem-solving that supercharges your team’s effectiveness. If you wondered whether teamwork increases productivity, this is the proof.

Delegate Effectively and Empower Team Members

As a leader, it’s tempting to want to control everything, but trying to do it all will only leave you overwhelmed, and your team underutilised. Learning to delegate effectively is key if you want to improve team productivity. Identify tasks that can be assigned to team members with the appropriate skills and provide them with the necessary resources and support. 


When you empower people with trust and responsibility, you free up your own time and give your team members opportunities to step up, develop their skills, and feel a greater sense of ownership in their work.

How 6 Pence Helps

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Frequently Asked Questions

What improved productivity of a team? 

Lots of things can improve team productivity! It could be anything from setting clearer goals and expectations to investing in the right technology or even promoting a healthier work-life balance for your employees. The key is to identify the specific areas where your team might be facing challenges and then implement solutions that address those directly.

How can you improve team performance? 

Once again, there are lots of ways to improve team performance! It all starts with clear communication, shared goals, and a commitment to supporting each other. However, innovative ideas should be considered for truly transformative results to improve team performance. 


This could involve offering exciting professional development opportunities, utilising new technologies to streamline collaboration, or revamping how you recognise and celebrate success. Remember, a thriving team is always learning and evolving!

What is team efficiency?

Team efficiency is all about how well a team utilises its resources- time, skills, and energy- to achieve its goals. A highly efficient team gets the job done with minimal wasted effort. This might involve streamlining processes, improving communication, focusing on results, or finding other team improvement ideas to minimise bottlenecks. Think of efficiency as not just working hard but working smart!


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