sales team leader roles and responsibilities

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Sales Team Leader Roles And Responsibilities

The sales team leader is in charge of building the sales team, managing sales operations, and executing sales strategies that allow the company to continuously meet its sales targets.


Knowing the sales team leader roles and responsibilities is important as it helps ensure the team is organized and productive, and the company remains profitable and ahead of the competition. 


The Sales Team Leader job description differs across B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer), and D2C (Direct to Consumer) companies. The sales team leader salary also varies from product-centric companies to service-centric companies. But one thing is for sure sales team leader skills are in demand across all industry verticals and worldwide.


As a sales team leader working with a staff outsourcing agency, your roles and responsibilities include driving sales performance, mentoring team members, setting sales targets, analyzing market trends, and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Let us learn more about sales team leader roles and responsibilities.


Sales Team Leader Job Description


The Sales Team Leader roles and responsibilities reflect that it is a leadership and managerial position. They are responsible for leading, motivating, and managing a team of salespeople. The aim is to achieve sales targets and business objectives. This role typically involves the following:

  • Setting goals
  • Analyzing sales performance
  • Monitoring sales activities
  • Providing feedback and coaching
  • Building relationships with key customers
  • Develop and implement sales strategies
  • Analyze customer data and trends
  • Coaching sales representatives 


They will also develop sales strategies and processes for their team. They manage team budgets and resources and provide feedback and coaching.


The Sales Team Leader will also work with other team heads like content, marketing, and product teams. They provide direction and guidance to ensure that sales goals are achieved. 


The Sales Team Leader job description entails managing customer relationships. They analyze sales reports and develop customer loyalty programs.


Sales Team Leader Roles and Responsibilities


Understanding the duties of a sales team leader are crucial as it helps the organization to set a realistic salary package. Most sales team leader salary packages contain a clause for commissions based on their ability to meet targets.


Here are the duties of a Sales Team Leader:

  • Develop and implement sales strategies to meet organizational objectives.
  • Monitor and analyze sales data to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Set individual sales targets with team members and monitor progress.
  • Provide team members with regular feedback on performance and progress.
  • Develop and deliver sales training and coaching sessions.
  • Motivate and support team members to ensure they reach their targets.
  • Coordinate team meetings, sales events, and activities.
  • Monitor customer satisfaction and ensure quality customer service is provided.
  • Manage all customer complaints and resolve any customer disputes.
  • Create and manage budgets for sales operations and activities.
  • Hire and train new sales trainees.
  • Resolve client complaints and provide answers to customer questions.
  • Submit weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reports to senior management and other stakeholders.
  • Help with in-store product displays.
  • Manage inventory, filling out paperwork, and other operational duties.
  • Motivating the sales team and fostering a healthy competitive environment within the team.
  • Be aware of the new products and services being launched to create better sales strategies.


The team leader serves as a bridge between the sales team and senior management. They can provide valuable insights and advice to both. The sales team leader works in a fast-paced environment, and the team leader is frequently switching from one duty to another, answering inquiries, holding meetings, allocating responsibilities, and acting as a mediator. This role is best suited for those individuals who are results-oriented and sales-oriented.


How to Become a Sales Team Leader?


There are no specific sales team leader qualifications, and people from any discipline can thrive and be successful. But some of the common qualities that hiring managers check when hiring sales team leaders are:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in marketing, sales, or any other related field
  2. Prior experience in sales
  3. Know about report writing and other tools like Microsoft Office software and Google software, and using CRM and project management tools


The sales team leader works in a highly competitive setting both within and outside the office. Some of the key sales team leader skills are mentioned below.


Be Analytical


Sales executives need to be highly analytical and be able to process data and numbers in a jiffy. Sales team leaders need precise insight and data to determine which marketing and sales techniques are effective and which are not. Today’s sales and marketing endeavours are data-driven, and someone with strong analytical acumen cannot succeed.


Listening skill


A sales team leader works in a managerial position, and a good leader is often found to be a good listener. Good listening skills help the sales executive to understand the customer’s problems and how the company can alleviate that. This quality is also needed to run and manage a team successfully.


Strategic and innovative thinking


In today’s highly competitive market, sales team leaders must have a strategic and innovative thought process. This allows them to align their team’s goal with the company’s overall objective. It allows for a better understanding of the competition and the market and how to deploy the best sales plan that will lead to a better Return on Investments.


Communication skills


The sales team leader roles and responsibilities include liaising with the internal sales team, other teams, management and stakeholders, and even customers. Thus, having good communication skills is a much-required skill. 


Organizational skills


Managing a team of salespeople in today’s sales environment is complex. It can sometimes be daunting, but a smart sales leader never falls behind. They are always on top of everything. Proper time management, delegation, and communication are important to thrive in this challenging profession.


Having a positive outlook


Even the most experienced sales representative fails to meet targets, but it is important to remain positive. Stress and anxiety often arise at the end of the month. A sales team leader needs to continually motivate and encourage the team during such times and keep the team’s morale high.


Depending on the experience and qualification, a sales team leader salary is determined. In Dubai, a sales team leader earns AED 7750; in Oman, it can be 1500 OMR; in Bahrain, it is 2500 BHD; and in Iraq, it is approximately 3,50,000 IQD.


Hire Sales Team Leader with 6 Pence


6 Pence can help with outsourcing Sales Team Leaders. We provide a platform for companies to find and hire the right Sales Team Leaders easily in Oman, Iraq, Dubai, and Bahrain. We offer access to a network of experienced sales professionals and allow organizations to quickly and easily identify the best talent for their team. 


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Frequently Asked Questions 


What skills do effective team leaders need?


Sales Team Leader roles and responsibilities include being adept in specific skills. Some of the key skills needed are good communication skills, listening skills, and analytical and strategic thinking.


What are 3 responsibilities of a team leader? 


3 top responsibilities of a sales team leader are:

  • Developing and implementing team objectives and goals.
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration among team members.
  • Monitoring the team’s performance and providing feedback.


How do you motivate your team?


You motivate your team by doing the following: 

  • Setting clear goals
  • Providing regular feedback and recognition
  • Build strong relationships with the team 
  • Make sure their individual needs and goals are being met


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