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7-Step Guide To Improve Recruitment Process in Organisations

Are you missing out on top talents, or is your recruitment process so extensive that it seems never-ending? Then, it’s time to improve recruitment process of your company!


Every organisation believes in hiring the best-fit talents for excellent work quality and business success. However, a poor recruitment strategy blocks their way to meeting these top talents. When your hiring timeline is lengthy or when you don’t have sufficient resources to engage candidates, you lose top talents. 


On the other hand, an effective recruitment strategy can attract and retain high-quality employees. 


Therefore, in this article, we have shared a few ways to improve recruitment process in your organisation. 

Why is there a Need to Improve Recruitment Process of an Organisation?

Research says 72% of recruiters face difficulty in attracting suitable candidates. If you are among them, it’s time to restructure or improve the recruitment process. 


Recruiting is the process of sourcing, attracting, and selecting top talents for your openings. It is a long-term process that begins with creating and publishing a job requisition and ends with a candidate accepting your job offer. 


Usually, the hiring timeline goes beyond a month, but top talents will wait only a few days before moving to your competitors with better opportunities. Therefore, you need to improve hiring process, which reduces the time and cost of hiring and allows you to choose suitable candidates. 


There are numerous reasons why you must improve recruitment process of your organisation. We have listed a few reasons for it. 


  • Attract top talents as they wait only for 10 days before being hired.
  • Reduce time-to-hire and retain candidates as they align with your goals.
  • Reduce cost-per-hire, and candidates tend to stay longer in your organisation. 
  • Improve business productivity with top talents.
  • Enhance workplace culture and better collaboration between team members.
  • Develop a better brand identity with improved work quality.


You must continuously track the performance of your existing recruitment strategy. You are good to go if it meets your current business goals and successfully attracts top talents. However, if the case is the opposite, you must immediately improve the recruitment process. 

Top 7 Ways to Improve Recruitment Process

By now, you know the importance of hiring process, which mainly targets recruiting top talents to help propel your company forward. But the question is how to attract them. 


We have listed 7 ways to improve the recruitment process in your organisation that will help you attract and engage these talents.

Use an ATS in the Recruitment System

An applicant tracking system (ATS) has the potential to improve recruitment process significantly. It enables recruiters to track candidates throughout the recruitment process and automates communication to engage them. 


Additionally, it identifies the source of the majority of qualified applicants for your openings. Thus, ATS helps you determine the top channels and allows you to utilise them best. 


Furthermore, it assesses thousands of resumes in minutes and ranks candidates as per their relevance to your job needs. They also assist in scheduling interviews and preparing pre-assessment tests for screening candidates. Thus, ATS reduces the hiring timeline and opens the door to connecting top talents.

Build a Strong Employer brand

Did you know? Strong employer branding can attract 50% more qualified applicants. Therefore, you must focus on ways to portray a positive employer brand that primarily focuses on your work culture and values. This significantly raises your chances of attracting a larger pool of talent. 


You can do so by responding to reviews, updating your company website, and sharing updates on your work culture and environment. 

Craft Clear and Attractive Job Ads

You must provide proper and must have requirements about open roles in your job ads. It ensures you don’t have to prolong your candidate search with unnecessary resumes that don’t meet your must-have criteria. Therefore, create job ads with straightforward titles, mention details about your company, and define responsibilities and must-have qualifications. 


To eliminate misconceptions, you must avoid using jargon, complicated sentences, or discriminatory language in a job requisition. 

Improve Your Candidate Sourcing

You can use multiple sources like social media, online job boards, employee referrals, professional networks, job fairs, and webinars to attract talents. 

Build Your Talent Pipeline

You can continually source candidates before there’s a vacancy in your company. Most companies build a talent pipeline to immediately hire candidates when needed, thus reducing time-to-hire and costs associated with it. 


Most job searchers are passive talents already in a job but looking for better opportunities. You can use professional networks to connect them easily and build your talent pipeline ahead of time.

Streamline Your Screening and Interview Process

Are you searching for how to improve selection process in your company? You can use an AI-powered ATS tool that efficiently screens candidates according to your requirements. 


Streamlining your screening and interview process increases your opportunity to engage top talents. You can prepare an ideal candidate profile and a set of questions to determine how skilled the selected candidates must be. Thus, it helps reduce the hiring timeline and associated costs.

Enhance Candidate Experience 

One thing is for sure: every interaction you make with applicants shapes their impression of your company. Research says nearly 82% of hiring executives believe investing in candidate experience is essential for building a healthy talent pipeline. Our suggestions to improve recruitment process include the following:


  • Shortening the application process
  • Updating your career page
  • Keeping communication channels open
  • Notifying your candidates throughout the recruitment process


Additionally, ensure you provide interview feedback to candidates that helps them improve and apply for your openings in the future. We hope these recruitment improvement ideas help you increase the efficiency of your hiring process. 

How Does 6 Pence Help to Improve Recruitment process?

More than half of employers and recruiters say the job market is candidate-centric. Therefore, candidates can afford to be picky while choosing a brand they want to work with. It means you must improve recruitment process to attract and engage them until they accept your offer and finally retain them longer. 


However, if recruitment becomes stressful and you lack sufficient time to source top talents, contact 6 Pence today! 


6 Pence is one of the leading staff outsourcing and recruitment agencies in the GCC, and we are operational in Bahrain, Dubai, Oman, and Iraq.


Our skilled recruiters can help you find top talents, reduce the time to fill open positions, and save costs. By working with us, you also get post-hiring assistance through payroll processing, candidate training, processing of paperwork, and access to our 24/7 HR e-service portal.


To know more, connect with us today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to improve the selection process? 

You can improve the selection process by creating an ideal candidate profile for your openings and matching candidate resumes using an ATS or recruiting software for job relevancy. 

What is recruitment optimisation?

Recruitment optimisation is a crucial aspect of the HRM process that assists recruiters in streamlining their hiring practices to attract and retain best-fit candidates. 

How can a recruiter help a company?

A recruiter helps in sourcing, screening, and hiring candidates for your company openings.


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