Permanent Placement Services

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Permanent Placement Services

Are you looking to hire talents who can help grow your organization? While freelancers and outsourcing are great for when there is a  sudden onslaught of work, permanent placement services help find employees who can help chart the growth story of your brand by remaining through thick and thin.


Permanent placement services are third-party recruitment services that help employers find long-term, full-time employees. They typically involve a lengthy process, including interviewing, screening, and background checks. It often includes onboarding and training of the new hire.


Staffing agencies, recruiters, and job placement companies usually offer permanent recruitment services. If you are looking for a credible permanent placement agency in the GCC, consider 6 Pence.


Why Choose A Permanent Placement Agency?


Permanent recruitment services offer a variety of benefits. This includes:

  • Access to a larger talent pool
  • More efficient recruiting and hiring processes
  • The ability to build long-term relationships with the right candidates


When used strategically, these services can help employers reduce their recruitment costs. They also help increase their ability to find the best candidates. You can build a strong employee pool by using these services.


Let’s look at some of the benefits of permanent placement solutions:


Time Savings


You can save valuable time by using permanent placement services. Small companies that often do not have exclusive resources like HR departments to dedicate to recruitment can benefit greatly. Also, constant hiring can affect overhead costs and employee morale.


Quality Candidates:


A permanent placement agency has expert recruiters and help companies find the right talent for the right role. They will provide the best possible candidates for your company’s open positions.


Talent Retention:


Permanent staffing services can help retain top talent and reduce employee turnover. In-house HR departments often lack the right skills to help find and retain the right employees. It can help cut back on additional employee onboarding costs, and the resources can be better dedicated to scaling your company.


Cost Effective:


With permanent placement agencies, you save on costs associated with advertising and recruiting. According to research conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average cost of employing a new full-time employee is $4,425. The actual cost-per-hire can vary based on the size of the organization, the volume of hiring, and the seniority of the roles being filled.


By using permanent placement services, you can save a lot of money, time, and other resources.


Dedicated Resources:


With permanent placement services, businesses are usually appointed a project manager who understands the requirements of the company and the industry at large and helps to shortlist the right candidate for the role.


This helps to customize and streamline the process and leads to better ROI and faster filing of open positions.




Professional recruiters can leverage their networks to find the best talent for your organization.

A permanent placement service saves employers time and money. The aim is to help them quickly identify and vet qualified candidates who would fit their open roles well.


How to Choose Permanent Placement Solutions?


Finding the right candidate is a tough job, as is finding the right permanent placement services partner. Here is how to find the best permanent staffing agency.

  1. Research the company you are considering using for permanent placement requirements.
  2. Reviews and testimonials from past clients, and don’t forget to check if the company has a strong track record.
  3. Ask for references from past clients of the company. This will help understand the quality of work a company can do and if they are reliable.
  4. Make sure you understand the process the permanent placement service will use to find you the right candidate. It is important to know if the company offers any guarantee. You can check for satisfaction or a money-back guarantee.
  5. The company must be certified and accredited. Ensure they have a good reputation in the industry.


Temporary VS Permanent Placement Agencies


Temp-to-Hire is different from permanent placement services. The former can allow employers to evaluate potential employees before committing long-term. The employer and candidate agree to a set period, usually between three and six months. During this period, the employer evaluates the candidate’s performance. If the employer is satisfied with the candidate’s performance, the candidate can be offered a permanent position with the company.


Permanent staffing services allow employers to hire a candidate for a more permanent role. Usually, employers offer an applicant an employment contract, and the latter is expected to work for the company for a prolonged time. The employer pays a fee to the placement service for their assistance in finding the candidate and reviewing their qualifications.



ResourcePermanent Placement AgencyTemporary Placement Agency
Contract lengthDo not usually have a termination of service date involved in their contract.Usually has a predetermined termination of service date involved in their contract. Contracts can be anywhere between 6 months to 1 years.
Hiring processIt is a long process, involving multiple rounds of interviews.It is a more straightforward approach.
Benefits and salariesPermanent employees receive perks like bonuses, insurance, annual appraisals, and retirement packages.No such perks are available to temporary staff. They often receive salaries on an hourly basis.



What Do Temp to Permanent Placement Services Do?


Temp to permanent job agencies provides employers with temporary employees who can become permanent employees. These services offer employers a cost-effective way to hire employees before committing to long-term employment.


Temp to permanent job agencies also allows employers to fill open positions quickly and efficiently. These services can help you identify qualified applicants while saving you time and money during recruitment.


Permanent placement services with 6 Pence


Looking for permanent placement solutions that can help your company achieve its goals? 6 Pence offers both permanent staffing and contract staffing. We are a staff and HR outsourcing solutions provider based in Oman, Iraq, Dubai, and Bahrain. We have highly qualified candidates with years of experience suited for your job description. But outsourcing is always a great option for both permanent and contract staffing.


Connect with us to learn how we can assist you in matching you with your perfect candidate. Our dedicated project managers take the weight off your shoulder and find employees you can rely upon.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is permanent vs temporary staffing?


Permanent staffing refers to a company hiring employees on a full-time basis to fill a specific role for the long term. Temporary staffing is when a company hires employees on a short-term basis. The latter can be used to fill short-term needs.


What are the three types of recruitment?


The three primary kinds of recruitment are internal, external, and direct recruitment. Internal recruitment means hiring from within the organization. External recruitment refers to hiring from outside the organization. Direct recruitment means hiring directly from candidates through personal interactions or online job portals.


What does placement mean in a job?


Placement in a job refers to being hired for a specific position. This typically involves the following:

  • Submitting a resume and cover letter
  • Attending an interview
  • Going through a background check before the job is offered


What are the types of placement?


The different types of placement are direct placement, contract placement, temporary placement, permanent placement, and executive placement.



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