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Reasons Why Businesses Need Permanent Staffing Solutions

Hiring the right employees in a business is a serious commitment, as it contributes to long-term company growth and success. Finding the culture fit candidates is a must, and research says 84% of recruiters believe the same


However, most established and startup companies face difficulty recruiting the right people for all their departments. This urges the need for permanent staffing solutions offering smooth and seamless functioning to organisations. They understand the unique company needs and carefully select, train and develop the workforce. 


We will share everything you need to know about permanent staffing solutions, including their benefits and importance in business and how 6 Pence can help you.

Using a staff outsourcing agency for permanent staffing can help businesses efficiently find and retain top talent while minimizing recruitment and administrative burdens.

What are Permanent Staffing Solutions?

Permanent staffing solutions help businesses of all sizes recruit long-term suitable employees to fit their job vacancies. They choose candidates by matching your profile requirements, salary, and cultural fit. 


Permanent staffing is a company’s long-term investment to build its foundations. Agencies offering such services have experience in finding and hiring the right candidates through various methods. They can manage your workforce’s changing needs, seasonal fluctuations in demand and addressing skill gaps within your present workforce. 


Some of the permanent placement staffing features include:


  • They are paid directly by the recruiters
  • Permanent employees don’t have an ending date for their tenure
  • Terminating their contracts is a lengthy process and abides by numerous employment laws
  • Agencies help manage the payroll, leave processing, and other HR duties pertaining to the employee
  • The agency undertakes all paperwork and background evaluation

How do Permanent Staffing Solutions Work?

A staffing agency may offer employees leasing and permanent staff to companies as needed. 

Employee leasing is an arrangement where the agency provides candidates to companies temporarily. The employees work for the client business while the agency pays them salaries and handles HR functions


Such agencies take information about your job requirements and search their talent base to find the right fit for the open position. 


They thoroughly research your company’s needs, conduct extensive market research, and spread positive words around your brand to attract talent. 


Usually, these agencies have their own talent base where candidates submit their updated resumes for good opportunities. The decision to hire the selected employees is still the company’s call. 


However, permanent hiring is more challenging than leasing, requiring more careful candidate evaluation.

What are the Types of Permanent Staffing Solutions?

Staffing and consulting agencies offer a variety of permanent staffing solutions depending on the nature of work and organisational needs. Listed below are some of the common types of permanent hiring solutions.

Full-Time Permanent

It is the most generic form of permanent recruitment services where the agency provides a candidate to companies for the long term, i.e. until the employment is terminated either by the employer or the worker. 


Here the employee works for a fixed period every week, usually around 40 hours, and is entitled to employee benefits and protections.

Part-Time Permanent

They are still permanent company employees but have fewer working hours than full-time employees. You may offer them some benefits over their salary; however, it is not mandatory. However, the employees can still enjoy job security and legal protections.

Probationary Permanent

Organisations often use probationary permanent staffing to evaluate new employees for a fixed trial period. It typically takes around 3 to 6 months to assess the quality and capability of the employees, depending on when their recruitment gets finalised. 

Tenured Permanent

Tenured permanent staffing is mainly used in academic and government organisations where employees are recruited for a granted tenure after a certain service period. They enjoy greater job security and legal protections compared to non-tenured employees.

Contract to Permanent 

In this type of staffing solution, an employee is hired on a contract basis for a particular period, expecting to extend the tenure until they become permanent. Consequently, once the candidate meets specific organisational criteria, and after thoroughly assessing their skills and fit, they come into a long-term agreement. 

Five Benefits of Permanent Staffing Solutions

Permanent hiring solutions offer numerous advantages to businesses. Some of them are listed below. 

Fast Hiring

One major challenge businesses face today is hiring the best candidates in less time. Usually, the organisation’s hiring period lasts over one month. Because the process includes numerous steps, and decision-making is critical. 


The hiring market demands keep changing, which makes the process more complicated. However, the process gets simplified and easy with an expert permanent recruitment service provider. Moreover, they competently finish all the hiring stages faster, as they have experienced recruiters and an extensive database of potential candidates. Thus, they help close open positions faster.

Reduction in Team Workload

Usually, businesses hand over the recruitment duty to the HR team, thus increasing their workload. It results in low productivity and affects the overall business performance. 


However, if you hire a permanent staffing solutions provider, they take over these tasks and free up your employees’ time for other core activities. Thus, there is little chance of disruptions in the business process resulting in an improved business reputation.

Specialised Hiring

Did you know an optimised recruitment process can reduce your hiring cycle by 60%

A staff recruitment agency can help you fill some complicated positions that recruiters might fail to do alone. You might have a lot of other duties in a company, but these agencies are mainly focused on hiring the best candidates on behalf of their clients. Their expertise and experience help companies in finding their required candidates smoothly. 

Reduced Cost

Often businesses lack resources while hiring candidates, and it takes days to close a position leading to poor company performance. This, ultimately, drains your financial standings. 


By opting to work with a reputed permanent staffing solutions agency, companies can find suitable candidates in less time and without hampering the productivity of their current team.


Besides, these agencies negotiate salaries and perks on the company’s behalf and ensure that both the staff and the company have a financially viable deal.

Stay Compliant with Regulations

Employee and labour laws, tax policies, and other regulations affecting a company’s recruitment keep changing. Additionally, to stay compliant with these regulations and mitigate the risk of costly penalties, companies look for professionals who can handle them. 


Here come the benefits of permanent placement staffing agencies with years of experience in the industry. Besides, they stay updated with current trends and regulations and help companies follow them. 

Common Misconceptions About Permanent Staffing Solutions

Some disadvantages of using permanent staffing solutions include additional hiring costs, a wide culture gap, reduced team bonding, and reputation consequences. No, that’s not true! These are myths that are often heard against staffing solutions.


But when you work with a reputable staffing solutions provider, businesses can have a wholesome and comprehensive experience.

Too Expensive

Entrepreneurs have a misconception that hiring an agency can be expensive, but the fees are worth it. Even though, on the surface, this can be costly for companies, it can save you in the long run. 

Lower Candidate Quality

Some owners think candidates submitting their resumes to staffing agencies are the ones not hired anywhere else. That’s not the fact; often, these candidates are overqualified for the job position they are applying for. 


Also, agencies undertake thorough background verification and rigorous interviews to ensure your company is matched with only the best candidate.

How Can 6 Pence Help Permanent Staffing Solutions?

Businesses using permanent staffing solutions have accelerated their hiring process, reduced existing employees’ workload, offered flexibility in hiring, and mitigated legal risks. However, before you contact such providers, you must assess their benefits, charges, and services. 


Additionally, make sure you read the advantages and disadvantages of such agencies.

However, if you decide to hire a permanent staffing solutions provider, meet us at 6 Pence. We are one of the leading staffing outsourcing agencies in the GCC and are operational in Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, and Dubai.


We boost experienced recruiters, a rich candidate database, payroll and HR assistance, legal compliance, and a 24/7 HR e-service portal. All our solutions are tailored for your business, and you work with dedicated account managers ensuring you get only the best treatment and nothing else!


For more details, contact us today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is permanent staffing? 

Permanent staffing refers to the practice of offering companies applicants long-term employment depending on their qualifications and companies’ job requirements.

Why do businesses need permanent staffing services? 

Businesses seek permanent staffing services as it is a long-term investment made in building the foundation blocks. Permanent employees can stay committed, understand the company’s culture best, and offer the best performance.

What is a staffing process?

The staffing process is a step-by-step approach to finding the right person with appropriate skills, qualifications and experience for different organisational positions.


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