Telesales Executive Job Description

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Telesales Executive Job Description: A Complete Guide

Do you get an adrenaline rush each time you close a deal but meeting people physically or travelling is slightly intimidating? Then, you just fit the bill for the Telesales Executive job description.


Make calls and crack deals, while earning a handsome salary- the perks of being a Telesales Representative is enormous. A Telesales Executive is in charge of multiple responsibilities like contacting potential and existing clients by telephone to sell or upsell products and services and inform them about the latest product launch, which helps bring leads to the company.


Want to learn more about the Telesales Executives job description? This blog will cover every detail. You can also drop your resume with us at 6 Pence.


What is Telesales?


Let’s first understand what Telesales is. Telesales refers to the sale of products and services via the telephone. The primary goal of Telesales is to build repeat business through exceptional customer relations.


Telesales representatives contact clients to promote various offers, set up appointments that field sales representatives can follow up on, and maintain a complete customer roster of all purchase orders and contact details.


Telesales is primarily of 2 types:

  • Inbound Telesales: These agents receive calls from both potential and existing clients to learn about the latest offerings.
  • Outbound Telesales: These agents need to reach out to potential leads to generate sales for the company.


Depending on the company’s needs, the Telesales Executive job description can require either or both.


To become a successful Telesales representative, you must be persuasive, patient, and persistent. Excellent communication, typing experience, phone skills, and the ability to thrive in the office environment are integral to the role. But these are requirements for telesales representatives in general.


Now let’s look at the JD for Telesales Executives.


Telesales Executive Job Description


Companies are typically looking to hire experienced and customer-oriented Telesales Executives. They aim to leverage inbound and outbound telephonic conversations to attain multiple sales targets.


Many businesses also hire freshers, and they can generate good leads with the right training. Having good communication skill is often the first thing that most hiring managers for Telesales Executive job checks for.


So, are you going to apply for a Telesales Executive job? Learn about these commonly asked questions and be prepared beforehand.


Telesales executive interview questions and answers


We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked at a Telesales Executive interview.


  1. Why do you want to work in Telesales?

This question is mostly asked of freshers. Highlight your soft skills and how they can help you close the deal.


  1. What are some important phrases that help close deals?

This is asked to determine your expertise and knowledge.


  1. How do you cope with rejection?

Cold calls and rejections are highly prevalent in this domain. Focus on your mental strength and ability to learn from rejections, and discuss your confidence in your persuasive skills and the brand’s offerings.


  1. How do you make your sales pitch more attractive than others?

Interviewers want to see how well you can “sell”.


  1. How would you remember the details of a conversation?

In the answer, you must highlight your organizational, multi-tasking, and memorization skills.


Telesales Executive Job Responsibilities


Knowing the JD for Telesales Executive role can help you better prepare for it. Below is a list of responsibilities that are a part of the Telesales Executive job description:

  • Maintaining a record of customers’ orders
  • Generating leads via cold calling
  • Processing all client purchases as and when they are placed
  • Reaching out to potential and existing clients over the phone to persuade them to buy the company’s products and services
  • Developing cordial relationships with clients to encourage and promote repeat business
  • Handling customer accounts by making sure existing customers are satisfied with the products and services of the company
  • Building an in-depth knowledge of all customers’ purchase history to be able to recommend similar products and services based on their needs and preferences
  • Leveraging sales scripts provided by the company to drive sales further and get back to customer rejections
  • Continuing to meet or exceed daily as well as monthly targets as per call volume and sales


These are some of the most basic Telesales Executive job responsibilities. It could have more aspects, depending on the company and its needs. Ensure you clarify with the hiring team before accepting the job.


Having an in-depth idea of the requirements and skills for Telesales Executive is imperative to a successful career in the industry.


What should be included in your Telesales Executive resume?


Now that you know the Telesales Executive job description is versatile and keeps changing as per company demands, the next pressing question is how to become one. What do you need to become a Telesales Executive?


There are a few prerequisites, and you must check them off before applying for the position. You must have a:

  • High school degree or a GED
  • A Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in communications, marketing, business administration, or a similar field
  • Proven employment history as a Telesales Executive or a similar role


Want to know about the required soft skills for the Telesales Executive job description?

  • Be persuasive
  • Be able to work under high pressure
  • Demonstrate excellent negotiation skills
  • Have good communication skills


But remember to take this with a grain of salt. After all, the exact JD for Telesales Executives differ from company to company, depending on their KPIs and targets.


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We hope this guide has helped answer all the important questions about Telesale Executive job descriptions, qualifications, and skills.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the difference between sales and Telesales?


A sales employee’s job requires the physical execution of sales deals, whereas a telesales executive handles sales over a phone call.


What is the salary of telesales executive?


The specific Telesales Executive job description of a company and your level of expertise will decide the pay. The average salary of a Telesales Executive is roughly BHD 450 to BHD 700 in Bahrain, OMR 300 to 1050 in Oman, IQD 622 to IQD 2150 in Iraq, and AED 3,500 TO AED 12,500 in Dubai.


What should a sales executive put on a resume?


Things you need to highlight on your telesales executive resume include your qualifications, experience, and certifications in the field. Optimize your resume with industry-specific keywords.


How can I be a good telesales executive?


The Telesales Executive job description requires exceptional communication skills, creative and on-the-spot thinking, and keeping calm under pressure.



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