IT operations manager roles and responsibilities

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What Do an IT Operations Manager Roles And Responsibilities Include?

We often speak of software developers, cyber security professionals, and QAs in the context of the IT industry. But an IT operations manager roles and responsibilities are vital to the smooth working of all the associated departments.


IT Operations Manager job description includes smooth execution and management of IT and business technologies so business operations can proceed without any hassle or interruption. The intricacies related to an IT operations manager roles and responsibilities will differ from company to company.


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IT Operations Manager Roles and Responsibilities


We must delve into the IT Operations Manager job description to understand what the role entails. IT operations management comprises cloud, computer, software, and networking, among other resources. It’s aimed at boosting productivity, internal business operations, and an organization’s customer support.


IT operations management involves providing support to:

  • Product designs
  • Office computers
  • Industry, web or print publishing
  • Medical services
  • Technical engineering
  • Manufacturing


Every Fortune 500 company possesses a unique IT Operations Management strategy. IT Operations Manager roles and responsibilities include making executive decisions on:


They are responsible for many things, like assembling teams to program custom software solutions. They must also administer data centre facilities, handle productivity applications (customer support), international logistics, and product sales.

IT Operations Managers must be able to wear multiple hats simultaneously and juggle each role proficiently. The smooth working of an organization rests on their able shoulders.


Here are a few of the IT operations manager roles and responsibilities:

  • Hardware purchase, maintenance, and provisioning,
  • Network and data centre administration
  • Productivity software licensing
  • Training and updates
  • Custom software development for aiding staff, clients, and consumers
  • Perform OS upgrades and maintain data security
  • IT network administration and performance management Knowledge of data protection regulations is a plus.
  • Maintenance and optimisation of local business networks and servers
  • Oversee device and password management
  • Monitor system security operations and data backup
  • Management of upgrades, installations, and configuration-related matters of hardware and software
  • Test system performance and suggest improvements
  • Mediate disputes escalated by engineers and technicians
  • Ascertain data is managed, transferred, and processed as per local, industry, and organizational guidelines
  • Offer support and guidance to all stakeholders through help desks
  • Manage costs and budgets involving IT systems
  • Handle contracts with many vendors and software licenses


Every company has different requirements for this role, and to know the exact extent of the job, it is essential to consider the IT operations manager job description. An IT operations manager salary is significant given the extent of responsibility and the role they play in the company’s success.


In Dubai, the average salary of IT operations manager is AED 12,000 per month, in Oman, it is around 3000 OMR monthly, 2500 BHD in Baharain, and 2,000,000 IQD in Iraq.


How to Become an IT Operations Project Manager?


If you want to become an IT Operations Manager, follow the path below. Becoming an IT Operation Manager is hard work since it includes a vast array of duties and plays a pivotal role in the company’s success.


Get a Bachelor’s Degree


If you are wondering how to kickstart the journey that eventually ends with you becoming an IT Operations Project Manager, it starts here. Earn a Bachelor’s degree in IT Operations Management or any other technical domain.


Alternatively, you can consider a degree in a business-centric discipline. This will teach you the fundamentals of management.


Hone Hard Skills


Remember, an IT Operations Manager must maintain a data record and run multiple analyses. Learn to use software programs that help organize these duties and simplify their execution. You can get an edge in your candidacy with some payroll software knowledge.


Fortify Soft Skills


To connect with business stakeholders, you must be astute in communication. Leadership skills and managerial skills are prerequisites for this role.


Stock Up On Experience


IT Operations Manager roles and responsibilities become more manageable with experience. Companies are always looking for candidates who can demonstrate a decided career path. People management skills are a close second. Take on entry-level positions within the industry and build your experience. This is a straight-cut road to management positions. Usually, your employment history is a testimony to your resource management ability.


The top IT operations manager salary goes to those who have the maximum years of experience.


Enroll in Courses


The industry is in increasing demand for IT Operations Managers. You are a good fit if you are good at strategizing, possess additional skill sets, and showcase an acute awareness of operational concerns. Enroll in operations management courses and diplomas, and get the necessary certifications to improve your chances of landing the job. These will give you the knowledge and education requisite for enhancing operational excellence.


Focus On Your Resume


Create a stellar resume with your educational background, employment history, and skill sets. Form a cover letter while looking for roles that emphasize your potential contribution to the expansion of the business.


Always remember to tailor your cover letter for every application.


The hiring managers at 6 Pence suggest including industry-specific keywords in your resume. Some popular IT Operations Manager Role keywords include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Change management
  • Project planning
  • Customer Service
  • Budgeting
  • Business strategy
  • Business development


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What makes a good IT Operations Manager?


Ans. There are multiple requisites to being a good IT Operations Manager. The most crucial ones are excellent communication skills and problem-solving aptitude.


What does an IT manager do on a daily basis?


Ans. An IT manager develops a company’s IT practices and policies. They oversee all hardware, software, and computing responsibilities. They also handle the installation, configuration, and upgradation of computational networks.


What is an example of an operations strategy?


Ans. Operations strategies are of various types, depending on the organization and the industry you are working for. Operational strategies comprise product development, customer engagement, market penetration and supply chain management.


What training is required to become an operations manager?


Ans. To take on IT Operations Manager roles and responsibilities, you should get your Bachelor’s in IT, business, and/or a related field. Knowledge of programming language, cloud computing, cyber security, and operational tools is an additional bonus.



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