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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Recruitment Tools for HR

Every business aims to recruit top talents, but only a few invest in recruitment tools for HR. These tools can considerably change your recruitment process, especially by reducing the hiring timeline and keeping top talents engaged longer. It helps in optimising your recruitment process and, therefore, shortening your hiring cycle by 60%. These recruitment tools for HR help you save time and money and direct more resources toward the labour-intensive facets of talent acquisition. 


This article guides you through the best recruitment tools for HR so that you can implement them in business and improve your hiring process. 

What are Recruitment Tools for HR?

Your recruiting priorities might have changed over the years, but your objectives remain the same: hire the top talents for every role. Recruitment tools for HR are the digital solutions that automate most of your recruitment tasks. Additionally, it helps you cope with the growing need for sourcing and hiring more qualified candidates within less time.


For instance, you can use a video interviewing tool instead of in-office interviews. Similarly, an application tracking system can help you source and filter top candidates instead of manually sorting the best resumes. 


The top hiring tools for HR perform numerous functions, like


  • Organising and storing applicant information
  • Posting and promotion of job advertisement
  • Tracking the job application process
  • Communicating with candidates throughout the process
  • Onboarding new hires

Examples of Top Recruitment Tools for HR

Recruitment techniques in HRM require the latest tools to improve their overall hiring process. A few examples of such tools include


  • Applicant tracking system
  • Interview scheduling software
  • Project management CRMs
  • Video interviewing tools
  • AI chatbots 
  • Onboarding tools
  • Pre-assessment tools

When to Use Recruitment Tools for HR?

You can use them throughout the recruitment process, especially when remote working opportunities are at their peak. Nearly 61% of recruiters believe video interviews will take over the norm as it eliminates the need for commuting. Similarly, numerous other recruiting tasks no longer require human attention, but tools can do them better and faster. 


However, as mentioned below, you need these tools, especially when you encounter specific challenges. 

Competing for Talents

Talent acquisition is getting complicated daily, and as the job market gets candidate-centric, you must invest in talent acquisition tools and techniques. Manual work can slow down your hiring process, losing top talents to competitors. 

Experiencing a Lack of Collaboration

Without a proper flow of information between all the recruiters and hiring managers, you often find employees performing the same task. Thus, it results in a waste of time, money, and resources. Therefore, having talent acquisition tools handy can help you cooperate and send regular updates to team members throughout the recruitment process. 

Substantial Time-Consuming Paperwork

You might often face difficulty filtering through piles of resumes and job applications while choosing the best-fit candidates. Additionally, preparing documents manually, inputting new hires’ data, signing documents, etc., takes away your time from essential recruitment duties. However, if you implement top tools for recruitment and selection, you can save time and resources. 

Benefits of Recruitment Tools for HR

Recruiting top talents is one of your most crucial tasks in the organisation. However, attracting candidates and hiring the best fit can be challenging for you. Therefore, most recruiters prefer using different recruitment tools for HR. Let us see how these tools can benefit your organisation. 

Improves Productivity

You can invest in online recruitment tools for HR to improve your recruiter’s productivity. These tools often use cloud technology that allows you to connect using mobile devices. This way, your hiring team can effectively process recruitment from anywhere without disruptions. 

Enhance Your Social Reach

Most candidates apply for a job via their social media handles. Therefore, recruiters need to reach and attract a wider array of candidates on these platforms. However, the process isn’t as easy as it sounds unless you use a recruitment tool. These tools have the potential to post and promote your job ads on multiple platforms and source unlimited candidates. 

Saves Time From Mundane Tasks

Recruitment is linked with numerous tedious and repetitive tasks that take away recruiters’ time from essential duties. However, automating them using talent acquisition tools can save you time, especially for sourcing and filtering candidates, scheduling interviews, and more. 

Strengthen Your Talent Pipeline

When you are recruiting for lots of open roles to fill, building a talent pipeline may go unattended. Fortunately, recruitment tools for HR help send applicants into a candidate database with detailed candidate profiles. It helps you fill up future positions without much effort or start your search for talents from scratch. 

Improves Communication with Candidates

You must engage top talents with numerous updates on their recruitment. This urges proper communication with candidates throughout the recruitment process, and a tool can help you do that. You can automate responses to common candidate queries and emails. Thus, it assists you in keeping top candidates in the loop with proper communication. 

Reduce Key Metrics of Recruitment

These hiring tools for HR assist your recruiters to work more efficiently and attract more candidates. There are three critical metrics that this software can help you reduce: 


  1. Time to hire
  2. Time to fill
  3. Cost per hire

Offers Recruiting Analytics 

The recruitment tools you’re using help to generate real-time data analytics and provide valuable insights into your quality of hire. This data allows you to decide how to reduce recruitment length, improve productivity and employee engagement, and meet your hiring goals. Altogether, working on these metrics ensures an improved quality-of-hire. 

Help Recruiters in Meeting Diverse Talents

Recruitment tools for HR allow you to source candidates depending on their relevance to the job description. They don’t entertain biases or use discriminating factors like race, colour, and sex in filtering candidates. Therefore, you can dive into a diverse pool of talents and choose the best fit. 

Real-Time Accessibility

Talent profiling is challenging for most recruiters; however, using recruitment tools can solve your worry. It helps HR professionals to integrate with all other departments and data centres in your company. Thus, you can access recruitment data from anywhere and ensure fully connected recruiting operations in business. 

How Does 6 Pence Help Businesses with Recruitment?

By now, you must’ve understood what recruitment tools for HR do for your company. They have automated the entire recruitment process, saving time and resources and allowing you to find the top talents within a short hiring timeline. However, if you face difficulty with staff recruitment, both temporary and permanent staff, contact 6 Pence. We are the leading staffing outsourcing agency in Oman, Iraq, Bahrain, and Dubai and can help you connect with top talents irrespective of your recruitment demands.


We extend our help beyond just finding the right talent. Our recruiters find the right talents, do background checks, process paperwork, and help with payroll processing. 


6 Pence offers employers and employees access to our 24/7 HR e-service portal. This platform allows all involved people to access any documentation anytime and from anywhere.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HR recruitment software?

HR recruitment software is a computerised system organisations use to manage their employee life cycle from sourcing to hiring and identifying great candidates to onboarding new employees.

What tools do you use for recruiting? 

Numerous recruitment tools are used throughout the process, including Applicant Tracking System, CRM, onboarding software, pre-assessment tool, video interview tools, etc. 

What are the five parts of recruiting and hiring? 

The five parts of recruiting and hiring include 

  • Recruitment planning
  • Strategy development
  • Searching for talents
  • Screening candidates
  • Evaluation and control


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